Recorded at Threadgill's World Headquarters Jun 2006

Set One

Playground - Video
Towers of London - Video
You're the Wish You are I Had - Video
Ballet For A Rainy Day/1000 Umbrellas - Video
Love On A Farmboys Wages
Yacht Dance
Dear God - Video
Mayor Of Simpleton

Set Two

Peter Pumpkinhead/My Bird Performs - Video
Wheel And The Maypole
No Language In Our Lungs
Life Begins At The Hop
This World Over
All Of A Sudden
Jason And The Argonauts
Books Are Burning

Thanks to Harry Roberts and Crystal Fire Studio!

Recorded at Threadgill's World Headquarters Nov. 2005

Books Are Burning
No Language In Our Lungs
I'd Like That

Recorded in stereo direct to hard disk on my Powerbook.
Thanks to Harry Roberts for bringing the good Microphones.
Live house sound by John Viehweg.

In 2001 before creating the live project, four of the future members of The Dukes of Simpleton
recorded two un-released Andy Partridge compositions for the tribute compilation King for aDay
under the name Other the Cat.

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